Miss Low Maintenance

Nadin Magbiray. Fashion enthusiast on a student budget. Just another girl who wants to take a shot in the fashion world. I wanna prove to the world that Fashion doesn't always mean high-priced clothing, designer labels, and high-end brands One can still be fashionable even with thrifted and department store clothing. <33 ________________________________________ email: nadinmagbiray@gmail.com _________________________________________ bloglovin
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“I modeled for so long and didn’t get any results from that so then it was like, really? I’ve been dragging my ass around castings for years without anyone saying [I had] unique style. I’ve really just been ripping off Jane Birkin. Sorry, has no one else seen a picture of Françoise Hardy? Look it up. I’m just the middle man.”

Discovering new things is more fun if you do it with people you love.

counting down to a long summer ahead.